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Kevin Smith   Silent Bob

film length: 10.17
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Cast and Crew Other Info

Written, Produced and Directed by Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier
Editor: Kevin Shortt
Camera: Janice Stone
Lighting: Octavian Debau
Music: Lindon Stone
Production Manager: Kevin Shortt
Post-Production Manager: Kevin Smith
Executive Producer: Bryan Wert
Project Advisor: Jon Stoddart

Sound Recording: Kevin Shortt
Sound Editor: Octavian Debau
Assistant Editor: Janice Stone

This is a Vancouver Film School Production

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Chasing Amy


Jay & Silent Bob Strike Back

Film editor   Review This Film

I think the reason why Mae didn't commit to the film is because she is undergoing a personal transition in her life. I had a friend that underwent the same transformation and understand why she chose not to do this. She just wanted privacy at at first maybe she felt it would be good to share this with the world to help others but then she had a change of mind. For whatever reason no one knows. But I feel that it is very good that she didn't do this now she no one will know that she was ever a man. She is very beautiful. :)
Jennifer Ross -- Work

I took a trip to New Jersey just to see this flick at a friends house. For one year I have been waiting to see this flick, until today, when I did. And I have to say: It has Kevin Smith and Scott Mosier written ALL OVER IT!!! To make a short story even shorter, i recommend that you go see this film. Its highly worth it. Trust me.
Jake -- School


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